The JavaSOM package (version 1.2) is released!

    The JavaSOM package (version 1.0.0) is released! Also this website is officially opened.

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    As the version number 1.0 for the JavaSOM package indicates it provides only the basic functionality of the SOM algorithm, nothing else. The future versions should contain: the possibility to view the different dimensions of nodes imaging the values of the components by displaying pseudocolor (grey, hsv, cool, jet, pink, copper or hot levels) plots, the Sammon mapping where n-dimensional input vectors are mapped to 2-dimensional plane whereby the distances between the nodes tend to approximate the Euclidean distances of the input vectors and the possibility to calculate the average quantization error of the best-matching unit of every input vector. Improvements should also be directed to the JSOM engine itself. By making it faster and simpler it lowers the time required for the training significantly. One of the upcoming improvements might be the ability to command JSOM with a DOM document tree object.